Neovision WDM DT3155 drivers

At this page, you can find WDM drivers developed by Neovision. These drivers are designed to get all the hardware features of DT3155 cards under Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Why we wrote our own DT3155 drivers?

Neovision uses DT3155 cards since 1996 in its own industrial applications. In the most advanced applications, where the features like real-time all-frames capture and multiprocessor machines support are needed, we found that the Data Translation original drivers are not sufficient.

As the DT3155 are great cards from the hardware point of view, we decided to develop our own drivers. Although the drivers were designed mainly to satisfy our own needs, we believe that the drivers can help to others too and decided to release them for free.

Differences to the Data Translation drivers

  • designed solely for Windows 2000 or Windows XP WDM model
  • reliable IRQ sharing with other devices (full PnP compatibility)
  • support for multiprocessor machines (SMP)
  • continuous acquire mode with no frames dropped
  • frame numbering and timestamping (mikroseconds resolution)
  • minimal CPU usage during the capture
  • custom API controlling the driver, incompatible with OLFG library

Download and install the drivers

Neovision offers the DT3155 drivers for free. Click the link below to start downloading the drivers. Installation and usage instructions are included.

ZIP file Neovision DT3155 drivers 1.0
(28 kB ZIP file)

Please note that our DT3155 drivers are not compatible with the existing Data Translation supplied drivers. Before the installation of our drivers, you will need to uninstall the Data Translation drivers.

To install, extract the ZIP file into a temporary directory. When the DT3155 card is detected by Windows, use the "Have a disk" button and browse to the directory where the drivers are located.

Example application

We provide an example application LiveImage, showing all key features of our drivers, for free. If you are interested, you can obtain its source code, too. The source code can help you develop your own application using our driver.

For details, see LiveImage page.