Online measurement of the rolled products profiles

RangeScan is a non-contact device that can be used in online measurements of the dimensions of rolled products profiles. The system is intended for installation into the measuring station that is situated directly on the rolling train. The system can be used to measure hot or cold products.

Profile measurement Rolled product profile analysis

The system is an online version of the ProfEx system. It is based on the laser triangulation method and it scans the whole circumference of the product profile in each read out.

The system obtains and evaluates the data during continuous transfer of the rolled product through the measuring station. 3D reconstruction of individual profiles is realized from obtained data and specified dimensions are analysed.

Technical parameters
Measurement accuracy ±0.1 mm
Scanning speed 2 profiles per second *
Minimal diameter of the rolled product 70 mm *
Maximal diameter of the rolled product 300 mm *
Temperature of the rolled products 0 a 1100 C
Speed of the rolled products 5 m·s-1
Required accuracy of navigation of the rolled products measurement does not depend on the rotational angle between the rolled product and the measuring system
Measurement method laser triangulation
Scanning system whole circumference of the rolled product
Data analysis 3D reconstruction
System output text and graphs *
Data send to the superior system yes *
* adjustable to customer's individual request