High precision 2D angle measurement

Protractor is a special device designed for extremely precise non-contact measurement of angle deviations in both horizontal and vertical axis. The complete setup consists of the measurement unit connected to PC with measurement software.

The principle of measurement is to observe a special pattern through a mirror with a camera. A small change of mirror angle results in changed part of the pattern being seen. Due to special properties of the pattern, even small part of the pattern determines uniquely the position within it. With the known relative position of the mirror, the angle deviations can be determined.

ProfEx installation ProfEx screenshot
Protractor measurement unit Path of ligh ray - from the pattern to the mirror (not shown) and then back to the camera

The whole system is designed for long-term measurements, e.g. during material tests. Eventual crash of the measurement PC (for example due to the loss of power) will result in loosing just the data that could be recorded during the outage. After new start of the Protractor software, the absolute position is automatically found and measurement continues.