Precise measurement of rotating cutting tools

MesTool is designed for measurement of diameters, lengths, radii, and shapes, including evaluation of tolerances of milling cutters, drills, electrodes, and other tools.

MesTool device
MesTool device

The current version of the software supports various types of measuring tasks:

  1. Comparison of a tool shape with a CAD drawing

    The inserted tool (e.g. an electrode) is measured and differences between the nominal CAD shape and the real shape are evaluated.

  2. Reconstruction of edges of milling cutters

    The cutter shape is acquired in small angular increments around vertical axis Z during 360 rotation. A 3D model of each edge is created and final dimensions of the full milling shape are measured.

The tasks can be added or new defined according to the customer's specification.

Arm detail DXF drawing
Measuring arm detail Evaluation of tool with DXF drawing

The measuring head with a CCD camera can detect top of the inserted tool automatically. Dimensions and shapes are obtained through a back illumination optical system based on high-resolution digital CCD camera, like a profile projector. A measured tool is clamped by a HSK63 pneumatic clamping system. The high accuracy clamping system and the high resolution CCD camera allow to reach measurement precision of 0.001 mm. All operations are controlled by a standard PC.

MesTool device parameters
Tool diameter 0.5 12 mm *
Min. tool length Z = 40 mm *
Max. tool length Z = 240 mm *
System resolution 0.0001 mm
System precision ± 0.001 mm
Taper HSK63 *
Adaptors HSK63-SK30, HSK63-SF30, HSK63-3R *
Power supply 230V / 4A / 50Hz
Dimensions (w×h×d) 730 x 1734 x 530 [mm]
Weight 180 kg

Parameters marked * are subject to change by the customer specification.