Cleaning and inspectional robot for air-induction ducting

In cooperation with Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU in Prague, Neovision developed a belt robot of a new generation for cleaning and inspection of air-induction ducting, especially for industrial and kitchen outlets. Robot can pass through and clean not only ducting with circular cross section, but also ducting with cross section in square or rectangular shape. Due to its design, robot is able to pass through not only horizontal ducting, but it can climb vertical or skew ducting as well.

Jetty Robot Jetty View
Jetty - ducting cleaning robot Robot camera image during ducting

Robot is handled by operating personnel with a remote control. The ducting in front of the robot is scanned by a camera and the image is displayed on the operating panel. Robot is guided into desired position with a joystick and moreover the cleaning process can be watched directly with instantaneous visualization. The method of solid carbon dioxide jetting by adjustable rotating jet nozzle is used in the cleaning process, whereas velocity of the jet nozzle rotation and velocity of robot locomotion can be regulated according to user's requirements.

Dirty duct Clean duct
Dirty ducting before cleaning Piping after cleaning

Technical parameters
Minimal ducting diameter 400 mm
Maximal ducting diameter 710 mm
Maximal ducting diameter (extended) * 1300 mm *
Maximal velocity of locomotion 100 mm/s
Robot weight (without supply hose) 39 kg
Maximal hose length 35 m
Power supply 230V / 3.5A / 50Hz
Piping shapes Circular, rectangular, S-shaped and vertical

Parameters marked * are subject to change by the customer specification.

See for more details about the Jetty robot.

AVI file Recording of the robot cleaning
(4736 kB AVI file)

PDF file More information about the robot
(229 kB PDF file)