Animation of a digital panel controlled by a human presence

The goal of the project was to create the animation that interacts with people passing through a corridor. If the camera system detects movement in the corridor, the Amoeba application produces various animations on the luminous panel.

Luminous panel with animation Aplication Amoeba

Luminous panels with the resolution of 8 × 8 pixels are installed on the walls of the corridor and are controlled by DMX protocol by ethernet modules. The luminous wall consists of 40 panels that are mounted in two rows (i.e. 16 × 160 pixels in total). The movement in the corridor is monitored by four FireWire digital cameras. The application Amoeba detects moving objects and transforms them into a colorful animation that is displayed on the luminous panel. Different animation algorithms can be selected.

The commission was successfully carried out in cooperation with Horizont company for the headquarters of the company Vodafone in the Czech Republic.