Turn-key systems

We will analyze your problem, propose a solution, verify it in experiments, and design and manufacture a turn-key system that solves your problem efficiently. Proprietary mechanics, optics, hardware, and software with PC computers running Windows are combined to achieve high flexibility at low costs.

OPAS Precise 2D optical measurement in back illumination
DIAMES Quality control of rubber printing rollers
GlassDrop Measuring the size of molten glass drops
Jetty Cleaning and inspectional robot for air-induction piping
MESCUT Quality control of jewellery stones
ProfEx Three-dimensional profile extraction and inspection
SurfScan Capturing the surface image of cylindrical lock cores
Protractor High precision 2D angle measurement
Helios 3D polygonal reconstruction
MesTool Precise measurement of rotating cutting tools
OPTAN Optical object counting
RoboWeld Guidance of industrial robot by camera system
GillCheck The control of completeness of assembled evaporators
RangeScan Online measurement of the rolled products profiles
VisInspect Verification of the paste lay on the given spots
Amoeba Animation of a digital panel controlled by a movement
WheelScan Contactless measurement of train wheels' dimensions
FrontEnd Optical navigation of the robot
De-Montes Deformation Monitoring by High Resolution Terrestrial Long Range Sensing
ALAS Adaptive Laser Cladding System with Variable Spot Size
CLoPeMa Clothes Perception and Manipulation
Scolio-See 3D Image Processing System for Scoliosis