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Panoramic vision

Classical camera captures only a small part of the camera neighbourhood. This problem for surveilance purposes is sometimes solved e.g. by installing multiple cameras or by motorized pan and tilt units. Panoramic vision systems allows to capture a large portion of the space angle - e.g. 120 x 360 degrees with single camera.

Camera view Unwarped 360 degrees field of view

Our systems are based on standard camera equipped with a non-planar mirror. The image from the camera can be either processed directly or unwarped in the real-time by software.

An example of application of panoramic mirrors is the project PanoShip of VirginiaTech. The stereo image of surroundings of the autonomous exploratory ship is acquired.

More information about epipolar geometry in systems using panoramic mirrors is available in Svoboda-Pajdla-IJCV2002

Off-shelf mirrors

Neovision offers hyperbolic mirrors which proved to satisfy the requirements in most cases. These mirrors can be delivered in short time for good price.

Custom made panoramic mirrors

If you have specific requirements for your panoramic vision system, you can obtain a custom made mirror. See the details about ordering a custom made mirror.

For example, the mirrors designed for specific requirements - log-polar CMOS camera - are shown in OmniViews project at CMP FELK CVUT Prague.

Camera and mirror holders

To mount the mirror precisely against the camera, we offer a specially designed camera and mirror holders. The holders are designed to accomodate a huge variety of cameras, lenses, and mirrors. They are particularly suitable for laboratory and experimental use.

Check our price list for the the pricing and availability of the panoramic vision products.Click here to see