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Extended version of OBR

Large scanners support

Starting from OBR version 3.7, we offer the OBR application in two versions - Standard and Extended. They differ by the support of large scanners (A3 or larger).

The Standard version of OBR can (in single pass) scan and recognize only the A4 part (approximately 21x29 cm) of a Braille document regardless of the actual size of scanner glass bed. To recognize larger pages, you need to use Merge function and cover the page in multiple scans.

The Extended version of OBR can cover the whole A3 (or larger) scanner glass bed in single pass and recognize the document much faster, without the need of merging the result from multiple scans.

Getting the Extended version

You can upgrade your Standard OBR version to Extended by ordering special A3 extension pack. The pack contains additional documentation, large correction filter, license activation code, and necessary software.

When ordering extension pack, you must provide your OBR serial number to receive special activation code. This activation code is then used to change the license stored inside your hardware key. There is no need to reinstall OBR.

You can also order a new OBR copy with A3 support in single bundle at reduced cost and without the need of upgrading the hardware key.