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MicroFocus application

We developed powerful application MicroFocus to create sharp images from a sequence of images taken, for example, from microscope. The whole process is as simple as choosing the appropriate focusing method and then adding the files to be processed. Displayed focused image is immediately updated after the processing of each input image. You can add multiple files at once or even watch a folder for new files to be automatically added. There is no practical limit on the resolution or number of images being processed.

In addition to the final sharp image, the level map is being generated. This map shows which parts of input image sequence contributed to the final sharp image. The final sharp image can be saved to the file or passed through Windows clipboard to other applications.

MicroFocus screenshot
MicroFocus 2.0 - selecting new focusing task parameters

Main features

  • 3 different focusing method with adjustable parameters
  • 8-bit monochrome, 16-bit monochrome and 24-bit true color BMP images
  • multichannel focusing (focusing using color information in the image)
  • adding files by mask, automatic watching of selected folder for new files
  • input/output/level map images viewer with zooming, colormaps
  • automation for repeated processing with the same parameters
  • export to the Windows clipboard
  • saving level map as Matlab data file

Instant focusing

MicroFocus will update the current output image immediately after you add next input image, so you can see the process of creating sharp final image in steps. Check one of the following links for preview of this capability:

Demo version

If you are interested in the MicroFocus application, you can download the demo version for the evaluation. This version work exactly like the full version, however, only part of the input image is being focused and you can choose only the first focusing method. Installation instructions are included in the package.

ZIP file MicroFocus 2.0 demo
(728 kB ZIP file)

PDF file MicroFocus 2.0 manual in PDF format
(572 kB PDF file)

Sample files

ZIP file Sample images - fly body
(27620 kB ZIP file)

ZIP file Sample images - detail of fly eye
(30619 kB ZIP file)

Warning - the sample files packs are really huge to preserve the image quality!