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EPIX products

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Neovision is the authorized distributor of imaging boards and digital camera products from Epix Inc.

EPIX, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1983. The company's mission is to provide cost effective solutions to customers with demanding video and imaging requirements - acquisition, processing, analysis, storage, transmission, or display.

EPIX, Inc. offers a range of video capture boards for use with both digital and analog cameras, together with software for acquisition, visualisation and analysis.

Silicon Video 2112 camera with interface board
Silicon Video 2112 CMOS camera with PIXPCI D2X PCI interface
10 bit dynamic range, 1288x1032 pixels, up to 58 MHz pixel clock

Neovision successfully uses EPIX digital camera video acquisition boards (such as SV 2112 in the picture above) in the applications where the high-resolution, high-accuracy image capture is necessary.

For more information about EPIX products, see EPIX products page. Contact Neovision for pricing and delivery.