*OBR Pharma

Headquarter address change

On April 2nd 2012, our company changed its headquarter by decision in the General Meeting. New headquarter address is at Barrandova 409, 143 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic.

Neovision in Vision Systems Design

Neovision in cooperation with PointGrey advertised in May issue of a periodical Vision Systems Design and presented Jetty robot for cleaning and inspection of air-ducts. You can visit Vision Systems Design web page to see the article.

OBR Pharma version 1.0

Neovision released a first version of a newly developed software OBR Pharma! The software is intended mainly for pharmaceutical industry during the production of pharmaceutical packaging. New directives from European Union direct that every pharmaceutical carton must be marked with Braille text. OBR Pharma is a tool that is able to check the correctness of Braille texts embossed on pharmaceutical packaging, compere the text to given master and verify the grid of Braille printing according to various standards. Integral part of the software is verification of Braille texts printed on graphical artwork of pharmaceutical packaging and on pre-print patterns.

OBR Pharma screenshot
The screenshot of OBR Pharma with recognized Braille